The hitcounter service from Willems Soft was founded in September 2008, by Willems Davy. Since the beginning of the project people had much interest in it and were eager to use it. As of today many people on the internet use this free service.

What is the Willems Soft hitcounter service ?

It is a completly free service, to track down how many users have visited your website and in the mean time showing this to your website users in cool way by using one of the multiple hitcounter styles availible. The Service is completely free, there are no banners that popup on your webpage of any kind !

The program has options to specify the background color as well as the style of the hitcounter you want your website visitors to see.

All you have to do is place the ( one line ) script somewhere on your website so that you and other users can see the hitcounter!

in short:
  • Count the number of visits to your site
  • Easy to add to your website ( one line script )
  • You can choose diffrent styles
  • No popups of any kind
  • It's FREE !

More information

Still need more information, no problem, you can take the the tour here and learn more about each individual part!

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